What is LIFE?
LIFE programme is a financial instrument of the European Commission (EC) for implementation of innovative and sustainable improvements of environmental quality and climate change.

The main objective of the LIFE programme is promotion of the implementation, development, and updating of the environmental and climate policy of the European Union (EU) by co-funding the projects that comply with the objectives of the LIFE programme and creating a value added for the EU. This programme is subject to the Regulation (EU) No. 1293/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the establishment of a Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE).

The LIFE programme has been operating in Latvia since 2001, and 46 projects have been successfully implemented with its support.

The total available investments over the LIFE programme funding period 2014-2020 is EUR 3.4 billion. National co-funding is also available for the implementation of the approved projects.

Any legal entity — entrepreneurs, social organisations, local governments, and non-governmental organisations —- planning for innovative and sustainable improvements may qualify for this funding by submitting project proposals.

The LIFE programme offers very broad support. And, although historically such support has mainly been used by the non-governmental organisations for the implementation of nature conservation projects in Latvia, novelty of this year’s call — "products ready for market" in environmental and climate technologies — is a convenient and available way for private entrepreneurs to introduce new products or technologies under the LIFE programme.

The LIFE programme is structured in two sub-programmes:

1. The sub-programme for Environment, with the financial envelope in the amount of EUR 1.3 billion for projects from 2014 to 2017. The main priorities of the sub-programme for Environment are:

  • Environment and Resource Efficiency
  • Nature and Biological Diversity
  • Environmental Governance and Information

2. The sub-programme for Climate Action, with the financial envelope in the amount of EUR 449 million for projects from 2014 to 2017. The main priorities of the sub-programme for Climate Action are:

  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Governance and Information

LIFE programme: Country Factsheet  (in English)

Leaflet on the LIFE sub-programme for Climate action (pdf; in Latvian)

Materials of the LIFE Informative Seminar (10.06.2016.; in Latvian)

What is LIFE
Other  News
The 3rd Baltic Networking Meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania
03, October 2018
LIFE programme actors from the Baltic Sea region have met for the third yearly networking meeting, this time in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
22 applications from Latvia were submitted to the European Commission LIFE programme 2018
25, September 2018
In September, 2018, the application for the European Commission (EC) LIFE programme competition for funding environmental and climate protection projects has been completed.
LIFE "Birds in Adazi" project has been completed
03, September 2018
Project "Birds in Adazi" aims to restore heath, bog and Western taiga forest in the protected landscape area "Adazi". It will help rare European birds - European Roller, European Nightjar, Woodlark, Red-backed Shrike, Tawny Pipit, Wood Sandpiper and Black Grouse.
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